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of us there is love for all of us the sun is so bright ♪ ♪ ♪ shiny day unovers all smile upon your face every now and then, the light bulb breaks the sun is so bright there is enough for all of us there is enough for both of us there is a lot for all of us long and short yours and mine this color, here it is it sees the light coming down coming down ♪ ♪ ♪ the sky is filled with clouds the rain is coming down the sun went for a walk soon he will be back and i say, the sun is so bright there is enough for all of us the sun is so bright, there is enough for both of us. there is love for all of us. the sun is so bright ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ [applause] thank you, gracias. ♪ ♪ [guitar] this song i did not really write. it talks about life in the fields. it speaks close to me. my grandparents were farmers. i guess i can dedicate this to everybody who has been involved in any sort of field work, growing up there, or even if you just enjoy the fields, being in the country, nature. ♪ ♪ [singing in the fiel spanish]♪ ♪ ♪ [singing in spanish] ♪ ♪ [applause] ♪ how
old one that's very noisy i use for commute ing and i have a nice one which i use when i'm in town, go shopping or go see friends or elsewhere. so i have three bicycles and i use them in different ways. for commuting and business travels i always use train, public transport. that's the easiest way to get from a city center to another city center and when i really want to have fun i take my motorbike. that's the nice green vehicle on the bottom of the slide. my presentation. i'll start with some facts and figures, then the benefits for the society, the dutch dutch. how we do it in the netherlands and then i go deeper into bicycle infrastructure. that's the main reason for this workshop and also the main argument for using bicycle or not using bicycle. i go briefly into enforcement in education and i come up with some conclusions. bike ownership in the netherlands and other european countries. i don't have the u.s. figures here. i have to go to my notes. but you can see the netherlands is top in europe as it comes tobacco ownership. we have more -- to bicycle ownership. we have more bicy
encompasses on some of the special use district. this was heard at the planning committee and received approval. prior to the hearing, we heard from one of our movie theaters which is a nonprofit that they have been looking to sell beer and wine to offset some of their revenue. many of our movie theaters are struggling. we did amend the legislation to include single screen movie theaters. this was approved. i'm looking forward to the support of the full board on this legislation. boleyn alleys and simple screen theaters are the kind of businesses that want to encourage here in san francisco. the bowling club is two women owners that on a mini bar on this is a hero and they are excited to open up a smaller bowling alley bar and restaurant. we approved 8 transferred to open and build a new park. we are excited about the elements happening in this part of the mission. excited to support our small businesses. we did make sure that they did to outreach to the community. they reach out to be organizations to make sure that this was in line with a lot of people's vision for the neighborhood.
have led us to where we are. but they are here today, and i just want to a knowledge once again, author, writer, singer, and guitar player, evangeline buell, former president of the filipino american history society in the san francisco- berkeley area. she was the national president, i am sorry. also, isabel. this is the face of women who have it in their blood to pursue the strength of the filipina women. and to them, we offer the leadership of tomorrow. all of us to dedicate the future for both of you. thank you for being here tonight. and so here we are in the seat of power in the city of san francisco, and only in a filipino tradition can you combine power, leadership, and lupia. so i would like to call on our newest board member, a lovely -- i am proud of her. i knew her as a young girl, and she is really our host for tonight. so if you just keep quiet, you're going to get your food. ladies and intimate, board member of the filipina women's network, the one that can put power and lupia together, susie cansada. >> thank you, tita elena. i know everyone is hungry, because i can see t
, ongoing use, programs for seniors, cross-city benefits. there is a lot of stuff going on. we're very interested. we are neighbors. i have been here 42 years. we're very interested in having a happy community. >> could you address the question raised in terms of what happens to the project during the america's cup and what your plans are during that time? >> we are actively involved in supporting america's cup. we are are active in trying to get it here. the numbers for construction and mitigation measures are all in the environmental impact report. broadly speaking, there are two phases. next fall, we will have the ac 45 boats. the big boats will be here in october of 2013. correct me if i am wrong. our excavation is six months. if we get through all of the process, by the time we get through all of that, we will be in construction sometime in the summer of. it is a six-month process. we will be well out of the ground. all of the earth moving will be done long before the cut. we have pledged not to have any construction anywhere on the site during any race days. there is an exit that
, to bring this to the city for us to use this. we can have the contract in place to modify, which would potentially limit the motivation for the vendor to make these changes. >> with regards to the machines that we currently have, they are certified for us to run the election results. if we had to purchase a new system, we would have potentially higher standards that -- than currently exist. >> the current system is the 2002 standard, this was when the testing requirements took place. i think by the time they announced this -- this takes care of the testing for the voting systems. and now this is the 2005 standard. this system would not pass the testing requirements. we will not purchase our own system back. we would not have the earlier testing cert. the 2007 requirements, this has not gone into testing or even -- we're looking in a situation where this system -- this is certified with the older standards but we have the current agreement with the vendor that will let us make some changes to the system. >> supervisor? >> i just want to make this very clear. if, the voting is no longer
to be used. there will be no impact. city planning has looked at this. there is an agreement with the america's cup people. they are huge proponents of it. they are not going to allow any disruption of their cut. -- cup. >> as i understand the process, the next stage, the project goes before the planning commission for review of the eir at the beginning of january? >> we are during the planning commission will likely hear the item for review. there is associated issue with the shattering impact study -- that would all be on january 19. from there, we go back to you for your approval. we would then proceed [unintelligible] >> ok. anything else? >> thank you very much. >> informational presentation and staff directions to respond to proposed legislation to amend the planning code and zoning map sponsored by the board of supervisors president david chu. >> good evening. i am with the ports planning and development division. i am here to provide for you an overview and informational briefing on a piece of proposed legislation sponsored by supervisor and president david chiu on the planning code a
, 2011, meeting of the board of appeals. we have these commissioners with us, and we also have victor pacheco, and i am cynthia goldstein, executive director. the senior building inspector is here, and we are joined by legislative affairs staff and the zoning administrator. at this time, mr. pacheco, we will go over the board meeting guidelines and conduct the swearing-in. secretary pacheco: the board requests that you turn off all phones and pagers and so they do not disturb the proceedings. please carry on conversations in a hallway. the board rules for presentation are as follows each have seven minutes to present their cases and three minutes or rebuttals. people affiliated with these parties must include their comments within the seven or three-minute period. members of the public were not affiliated with the public -- with the parties have up to three minutes each to address the board and no rebuttals. to assist the board in the accurate preparation of minutes, members of the public who wish to speak on the item or oust but not required to submit a speaker card or a business car
the waterfront land use plan as your master policy document for land use along the waterfront. when the plan was being developed, the port was working with the planning department at the time. we were looking at how the development of the plan policies and waterfront plan compared with those in the city's general plan, compared with the planning code and zoning map at the time. by the time we finished with the waterfront land use plan, the staffs were pretty well informed as to where there were areas in the city planning that should be updated to reflect all the work done. in the planning code, zoning map, in general plan, those policies and regulations of line with what is promoted in the waterfront plan. in the time i have been at the port, we have not had a situation where we have a disconnect between projects that the port is trying to move forward on the waterfront falling out of step with what the city's objectives are. the proposed planning code changes touch upon some many different issues. it is not entirely clear that we can have a handle on what the implications of some of these c
over 50 october of of all trips daily made by bike. and for regional use of the bicycle. got some figures compared to a car. then you can see that schoolchildren use the bicycle very frequently for education. and still businessmen use the car a lot. and social recreational reasons. a reason for using the bike and shopping. we like to go shopping on our bikes. come to that later. and when it comes to gender. who's using the bicycle. i'm told that the netherlands is very typical on this. we have more women on bikes then -- than men. and the most intense users are girls from the age of 12 to 18 and that's easy to explain because i once was a girl of that age and to me, mabika was my ticket to freedom. i didn't want my mom and dad bringing me by car somewhere and then say well, i'll pick you up at 6:00. i go on my bike and i'll try to make it at 6:00. most of the time i was there. 6:30. and then later you can see at all ages, women still use the bicycle more than then -- men, in their 30's to 50's. and how far do they go? still, the girls are top of this list and they use the bicycle
. supervisor chu: this is the same question that i had for the previous supplemental. the fact that we're using a onetime state reserved. and what it is that we will be doing going forward with the state reversing their action. given that, this is a deliberate effort to take and evaluate each case for services elephant -- elsewhere, or if it could be accommodated by the programs we currently have in the city. we might still have a population of individuals that need these services and would not be accommodated by other services that we have currently. how do you see this going forward? >> we really are looking at this as a onetime solution. like has said, we are having this conversation on the health plan and in a preliminary sense they said they are interested in talking to us about looking at papers for managed care. we are hoping that this is one time only, that we will have other solutions. but, there are no guarantees to that. supervisor chu: there was the 240 that was willing to be used on the administrative agency costs and 145,004 the administrative panel. are those also going to be lif
customers and when they think of signed copies, they think of us. and those bookstores that have found their niche in children's who can talk a children's language have customers around the world. we provide electronic books and we sell electronic books on our website. it's really easy. we just click. we don't have to do anything. the american booksellers association does all the heavy lifting. but it's a minor part of our business. our folks literally around the world have become accustomed to the product, the book, the bound book that's signed by the author. the author who wrote that book, wrote in your copy. there are many bookstores around the country who are the very core of their neighborhood or their little part of the city. and that's where folks congregate. so i think those two areas of book-selling will be around long after we're gone. >> now, martha menchaca talks with booktv about her book, naturalizing mexican immigrants. professor menchaca was interviewed at the university of texas at austin as part of booktv's college series. >> and now on your screen is university
opinion but all the family in the valley. once again, thanks to all the supervisors to help us to solve this problem. i hope you guys can help me to solve this problem. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, everyone. i live on leeland street for more than 20 years already. i didn't want them to install the cabinet and antennas on 199 leland straight. -- street. she would like to have it installed by the recycling center. the purpose of at&t installing the cabinets and antenna was to improve the coverage for the people on highway 101 and 280. in our area is a residential area, we have libraries, schools, around that area and it is not going to benefit us. so we hope that you guys can help me. president chiu: next speaker? >> [speaking foreign language] good afternoon, everyone. i'm resident over in the valley at 775 [unintelligible] and over where we live it is mainly residential. there many students and schools there. we don't hope any of the antennas or equipment will be installed right there and we ask sincerely of the support and help of the supe
to develop very in depth content, but if they don't have a venue, they do not have a way to show us, then this work is only staying here inside and nobody knows the brilliance and the amazing work that the students are doing. >> the term has changed over time from a very basic who has a computer and who doesn't have a computer to now who has access to the internet, especially high speed internet, as well as the skills and the knowledge to use those tools effectively. . >> the city is charged with coming up with digital inclusion. the department of telecommunications put together a 15 member san francisco tech connect task force. we want the digital inclusion program to make sure we address the needs of underserved vulnerable communities, not communities that are already very tech savvy. we are here to provide a, b and c to the seniors. a stands for access. b stands for basic skills and c stands for content. and unless we have all three, the monolingual chinese seniors are never going to be able to use the computer or the internet. >> a lot of the barrier is knowledge. people don't k
after a rough week. yogi joins us. we saw volatile trading in japanese shares last week. what can we expect this week? >> analysts expect stocks to come under pressure this week as well. let's go straight to the market reporter to find things out. the dow ended last week in the negative a third straight week, following continued debt turmoil in eurozone economies. to see how things are kicking off this monday morning in japan, we go to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. good morning, ramin. how are things looking so far? >> very good morning to you. a bit of a positive start here after a grim sentiment last week as you mentioned with the dow and european indexes. this week, a lot of data out of the u.s. to look forward to. let's have a look at the opening levels and you can see what i'm talking about as far as a positive start. you can see the nikkei up almost 100 points. that's a positive start. we did last week actually post year lows for four consecutive trading sessions. looks like we are rebounding from that. last week, we saw selling in blue chip exporters, but also f
, to small businesses, property owners, that have not had the time for it to come back to us. but then again, started thinking more about what the problem is. we solve the problem statement in the video that was created. but is that true for chinatown? chinatown has seen incredible vitality through the really tough economic time recently. the vacancy rate, i believe, is under 5%. chinatown is really depended on the zoning for over the last 30 to 40 years to protect the neighborhood, to make sure that it is neighborhood-serving, to make sure that restaurants that are there serve the population that lives there. so there are currently five categories of restaurants in chinatown. i would argue to say that they are working. in another way, i think that we just do not know what the changes would mean. there have not really been like a simple fact sheet created. there is not in a way first to really get to understand what this means for a chinatown neighborhood. there are a number of changes come to chinatown but a city college is currently being constructed. chinese hospital will be constructed s
, whether the board of supervisors, the land use committee, or the full board decide to do it, it is out of our hands. i just want to complement the supervisor's office, the department, and everyone who has worked on this. they came to us with a very simple thing and originally had. we expanded its fantastically, which i think was logical to do, and i am is satisfied with the way it has come out now. it may have to be tweaked in the future. we know this with all legislation. i do not think that is a bad thing. but we have to get it in place, and the simplification, to me, is very, very important. commissioner antonini: i really like this legislation. it has a lot to do with the kiss principle, keep it simple stupid. that is basically the easiest way to understand things, to get all the publications out of there. i do have some questions for aaron starr. ok, i guess the first question in category, and it went pretty fast, but my understanding is that the bar definition would allow all sorts of alcoholic beverages, full-service bar. >> correct. the bar definition is really not changing. bu
>> today on us farm report, once again the huge bump in farmland values is announced. the usda goes to bat for american exports. and, our market experts unravel at tough week for commodities. the us farm report is brought to you by the less weed control system, nationwide agribusiness, the number one department sure in the us, and, the world top. and fined 2012 2012 shavit overwrote hd. >> welcome to us farm report. i'm john bids. i know i avoid upsetting jam as much as possible during the week before this home game when she is occupied with recipes, decorating and bedroom assignments. but it could be even trickier than usual for those supposedly casual family conversations this year. politics looks like an obvious unexploded bomb to avoid and certainly the current blending with religion widens this area. penn state has he been made for paul but little iffy. but maybe the one topic farmers should avoid is how bad the economy isn't for them. time now for the headlines. >> just when you think the price of private american farmland can't keep climbing, that's exactly what it does. i r
through a conditional use process, i would assume, to do that. >> right, to go above that size, you need a non conditional use. >commissioner antonini: any changeup category notwithstanding what the abc is going to do, but some neighborhoods would require a cu to go from beer and wine to full alcohol. >> that is correct. others may not. and others prohibit it entirely. commissioner antonini: ok. that seems to answer most of my questions. i think it is good. i do agree with commissioner miguel that i think this has to be city-wide. when you start carving out parts of the city to have different categories for them, then i think it defeats the purpose of the legislation. and i do not quite see anything as a problem here. all existing uses are presumably permitted. you're not going to be moved to denver category. you will be categorized differently, but you're permitting you will not be changed. >> correct. commissioner antonini: thank you. >> commissioners, thank you for your comments. i want to thank everybody for their excellent work on this. this is a very focused peas and eating and dri
♪ >>> a renewed commitment to the asia-pacific region. u.s. president barack obama outlines his new strategy. welcome to "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. u.s. president barack obama said the u.s. is turning its attention to the vast potential of the asia-pacific region during a landmark speech to australia's parliament. he stressed the importance of the asia-pacific region as a major part of u.s. foreign policy. obama told his audience -- >> after a decade in which we fought two wars that cost us dearly in blood and treasure, the united states is turning our attention to the vast potential of the asia-pacific region. in just a few weeks, after nearly nine years, the last american troops will leave iraq. and our war there will be over. in afghanistan we've begun a transition, a responsible transition. so afghans can take responsibility for their future and so coalition forces can begin to draw down. >> obama told his audience that his administration plans to refocus on the region now that it's ending its military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan. obama is seeking strong
. this bridge funding allows us to serve our population more effectively and in the past, we thought about different ways, which is why our program [unintelligible] we would like to thank -- take this opportunity to thank for the support and continue to support this important service, allowing us during this time to think how we can serve more effectively. thank you very much. >> ♪ stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time saved me some money and maybe more of dimes i would give them the moon and it is not too late to say that i care and they cannot wait i do not really try to make it and in bringing its soon won't you they can hardly wait it is not too late to help daycare right now ♪ [applause] supervisor chu: thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak on item number six? seeing no one, public comment is closed. the source of funds would be the state reserve. i know that you have spoken to us briefly about state impact recently. the drawdown here would result in 11 cents left in the reserve. where do you see the state? >> supervisors, we d
about the same thing. commissioner moore: i have a better pen, if you want to use that. >> pulling the railing back from there. i do not think in this area, there is another concern. in the neighboring property to the south project out for further than ours -- the neighboring property to the south project out far further than ours. commissioner moore: i want to make sure you are not hitting this line. you might consider angling this back a little bit. >> something like that. we will work on the exact details, but i understand the concern. i think that will continue to leave a large enough deck that it can be a rear yard in the sky, or something, and allow the family to entertain and use that space. commissioner sugaya: not to prolong this, but i am in favor of the project. mr. williams, i am getting the impression from the dr requestors that they either did not know or have a feeling that the unit, either one, was not going to be occupied by the project sponsor. because testimony said, "there are going to be luxury condominium units, and we will have whatever people moving in upset
bar, then they're no longer categorized as a restaurant. they are now a bar. >> probably two uses. both the restaurant and eating. then you also have the bar. commissioner antonini: that was one of my comments. if you want to make it a little more understandable. you might want to make that full-service bar defined as a restaurant/bar, because it is both. you could have a bar that does not serve any food, although it would not be categorized as any kind of restaurant. it is confusing to call it a bar but it is actually a restaurant/bar. the term restaurant could be the beer and wine category peter just a suggestion to avoid some confusion. my other question is this, and i think you already sort of inserted. when you are depending on the neighborhood, your change in size -- say you're going to go above the allowed footprint, but you would probably have to go through a conditional use process, i would assume, to do that. >> right, to go above that size, you need a non conditional use. >commissioner antonini: any changeup category notwithstanding what the abc is going to do, but some
. >> gary lane, cbn news. >> joining us now is nina shea on the hudson institute and co-author of the new book "silenced" how apresident obamas apostasy and blasphemy laws are choking the world. what does it mean for nigerians for all faiths? >> there will be no tolerance of any negative commentary or critical analysis about islam whatsoever. it is enforced with lethal force with thousands of christians being killed by boko haram. the very name boko haram means it is blasphemy to have western education. everything that is not boko haram or islamic is considered blasphemy for that radical extremist group. >> nina, this is more than nigeria. how big of a problem is this in the muslim world? >> it is a growing problem. we are seeing it in libya and tunisia and egypt because they are planning to introduce stricter sharia law. sharia law, the worst part isn't the polygamy or forcible vailing, whether it is womens' rights, people of other faith are off the table. they cannot be discussed or debated. the authorities decide what is allowed and what is not. >> pastor yousef nadarkhani facing a pos
intervening was that it would create tensions that would be an unmanageable use of public space and it would be difficult to negotiate how the public space could be used. the movement itself would probably grow as there's police used against it. sunday, police action occurred and we saw that the occupiers increased in number and that made it difficult to action negotiate the use of space again. then we saw what happened in oakland. this was something that was horrendous in terms of how the police department in oakland had used teargas, reports of more bullets or protect those that cause the damage to people's bodies including bruises, cuts, and one member was hit by a projectile and suffered a skull fracture and was in critical condition for a couple of days. after the police force and oakland use force against the occupation, the occupation only grew in number and this created a very difficult way for the city of oakland to negotiate how the public's base could be used in the time to come. shortly after that, we have the threat of imminent use of police forces are not last wednesday, thursd
organizations and the general public that may help to guide their decisions. this is with regard to the use an investment of land and the provision of public services, and particularly the planning of similar institutions to make certain of -- the costly duplication does not occur. this is required to be updated every two years. the public hearing is the third to be held on the academy of arts university. the first hearing was december 6, 2007. at that hearing it was not accepted and the questions and concerns related to the use of property by the academy, with a loss of affordable housing and potential transportation impacts related to the growth of the academy. the commission has asked that they address these concerns and continued the transportation study. the academy has continued to grow and requires additional facilities. what is before you know is the third draft prepared since last july, the result of a series of meetings and memorandums between the planning department and the project sponsor. this includes the property acquisition and the adoption of free use. the impact on housing
team from netherlands to help engage us even better and to excite not only us who work here at city hall but our traffic engineers, our bicycle coalition, our educators and all of the bay area guests. we have guests from even san rafael council here as well to share in this experience. as ed mentioned, i am a very big enthusiast but i want to be more than just a cheerleader for this. leah knows this as well. i know that there will be times where we have to challenge ourselveses to go a little further because there are great secrets that we don't know today that will be unleashed. and one of them is going to be our own economy. that there are some great secrets to unleash when we have alternatives to how we use our roads and how we can open them up to even more diverse use, safe uses of our roads. and certainly our bicycle enthusiasts have a great contribution to that as i saw on grand beach and chinatown. when you close from tower to bush street and allow the people to get out there, you can see some fantastic results and we're going to patiently wait for the statistics to show us h
t.a.r.p. tells us how europe should bail out. >>> let's make a deal. the super committee comes down to the wire. will they meet in the middle and find $1.2 trillion to cut? >>> we're talking about the bird. is it too much to crunch the numbers? the wall street journal report begins right now. >>> here's a look at what's making news as we head into a new week on wall street. retail figures came in much stronger than expected. that was for the month of october. they rose half a percent. the sixth straight monthly increase ahead of the big holiday shopping season. that's important because consumers make up 70% of the u.s. economy. but the markets were not cheered mostly because of, well, you guessed it, more worries about europe and european debt. the focus now moving to italy and now france and now concerns that american banks could suffer as europe's economy slows down. a mixed bag as we move to the end of earning season. dell surpassed expectations on profits, but it raised revenue. target came in ahead of expectations. oil prices creeping back up again, rising past the $100 a barre
much. inspector. >> supervisors, good morning. san francisco police department. what is before us today is an application. they are currently licensed with a tight 21. they are now applying for a type 42. if approved, it will allow them to do on-site wine tastings. they will have of sale privilege with onsite wine tastings. kind of a typical wine bar approach. we have several letters of support -- support. there has been one letter of opposition. we are recommending this application for approval with the following conditions -- condition one, the two licenses shall operate with one another and shall not be separated. the point of this is that it stays a valid wine shop and not eventually turning into perhaps a liquor store. condition terribly low, sales service and a half between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. monday through saturday and 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on sunday. condition three, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages shall be permitted only at the tasting area as depicted in the diagram except for private events that are closed to the public would sign it posted.
today using are frozen filipino products. all of our different brands. and in the spirit of october and filipino american heritage month, i am asking if everyone here can share our food and our culture with a non-filipino friend. bring them to the filipino eateries in your area, because we really need to support them. also, we have another filipino food company here, pearl with mamasitas. [applause] we had the same mission. we want to bring filipino food to everyone. if you can help us by bringing your non-filipino friends to filipino restaurants, that would greatly help. while we enjoy our fabulous friend, my brother, iran, is going to be -- ron, is going to be playing frosome music for usa contemporary mix of guitar riffs and electronic music. please enjoy the food and drink and in the honor of my grandmot >> in closing, i just want to make a few remarks to you know, it was dr. martin luther king that said "i have a dream that one day we will be judged on the contents of our character and not the color of our skin." and when i think about the leadership of fwn, marily, president,
it yet. even then, entitlements go with the land, not the people that come before us. i was a little frustrated with this case, because i thought most of the arguments were not dr-related. i used to live in this neighborhood. even one-bedroom apartments are not affordable. the average one-bedroom apartment is north of $2,000 a month in the marina. to represent a unit as affordable in the marina is a stretch by a lot. these units are really expensive. if you look at the vacation rental information that is provided, you can specifically see there is one specific narrow set of dates. i have had lots of friends who have rented out their places when they have gone on vacation to europe, because people who are not rich often do that to cover costs and pay for their vacation. if i had seen that this was on there for seven months, that would be different. but it is clear there was a precise window this property was listed for. it was a little disingenuous to present this as evidencng a vac. we know that happens in the city, but it is not a planning commission issue. i know mr. williams is of
an important one and i think all of us, it's testament to the men that tony and vince were that vuso many people coming out once again to support one another and first and foremost, to support the valario and the perez family. this is a very special day because it is another illustration of just how special vince and tony were to all of us and how they will live on in our hearts and our minds and also in san francisco fire department's history because they gave their lives in their duties. thank you so much for everyone that's in attendance. we have uniformed members of this department. we have many of the civilian members of this department. all of us hear your pain and grieve with you and continue to grieve with you and you have my commitment that we will continue to be here with you as a family. not as replacements for tony and vince, but as supporters. and those of you that will continue to always contact you and reach out to you and i want you to know that you have a family in all of the members of the san francisco fire department. today we're joined by several people. i'd like to a
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